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why did i give up icon-ing?

Damn...I used to slave away at those. Sure, I wasn't a pro or anything, but I was developing some sort of relationship with my Photoshop-esque program and a pretentious eye for colourings and design. Where the eff did it all go?
sean b

Watching Annie on Fox News

I heart the Internetz. So, here I am, at 12.52am Melbourne, rain finally breaking the heat spell, watching frickin' Fox News on the net for no real good reason except that I can.

And now I want to go spend a holiday season in the United States. With snow and Thanksgiving.

Also, I love the foreign familiarity of their ads - somehow, I know what a Publix is because of exposure to their culture since forever, but I've never really seen one. Until now.

Dude...they totally just had an ad for Cymbalta. I think that's not allowed here. Like, legally. And they listed AE's and interactions and contraindications too. Like, whoa. That's an ad, man. During breakfast TV. Depressing.
sean b

Random Recap - The Russell Girl aka When Peasant Smocks Attack

Defining hallmarks (do u c what I did thar?) of TV movies:

- terrible acting/don't-give-a-fuck acting/trying-so-hard-to-make-this-work acting
- familiar faces who are known for better projects appearing possibly for the sake of a paycheck
- plot involving something horrible happening to a female character, often the protagonist
- cheap-looking graphics, titles, sets, actors, etc.
- general apathy from everyone all 'round, viewer included

So, while waiting for Amber Tamblyn to debut on House and possibly make me more interested in watching, I perused her IMDb profile as a means to procrastinate from study (what else is new?) and decided to check out The Russell Girl. Despite its listing as a TV movie, I selectively didn't read that part and in my mind, I somehow decided it was an independent feature that would be very charming in a big-city-girl-returns-to-small-home-town-rediscovers-life kind of way. Yeah, I didn't read the plot either, just judged it straight from its cover:

Oh...dis gonna be goooooood.

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