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why did i give up icon-ing?

beauty hurts
Damn...I used to slave away at those. Sure, I wasn't a pro or anything, but I was developing some sort of relationship with my Photoshop-esque program and a pretentious eye for colourings and design. Where the eff did it all go?

At Long, Long Last Receive Your Due

sean biggerstaff
My long overdue fedora is finally mine. I HAVE A FEDORA!!! I feel so Kate Moennig!!!1!!!!!1!!

Watching Annie on Fox News

sean biggerstaff
I heart the Internetz. So, here I am, at 12.52am Melbourne, rain finally breaking the heat spell, watching frickin' Fox News on the net for no real good reason except that I can.

And now I want to go spend a holiday season in the United States. With snow and Thanksgiving.

Also, I love the foreign familiarity of their ads - somehow, I know what a Publix is because of exposure to their culture since forever, but I've never really seen one. Until now.

Dude...they totally just had an ad for Cymbalta. I think that's not allowed here. Like, legally. And they listed AE's and interactions and contraindications too. Like, whoa. That's an ad, man. During breakfast TV. Depressing.
sean biggerstaff
Defining hallmarks (do u c what I did thar?) of TV movies:

- terrible acting/don't-give-a-fuck acting/trying-so-hard-to-make-this-work acting
- familiar faces who are known for better projects appearing possibly for the sake of a paycheck
- plot involving something horrible happening to a female character, often the protagonist
- cheap-looking graphics, titles, sets, actors, etc.
- general apathy from everyone all 'round, viewer included

So, while waiting for Amber Tamblyn to debut on House and possibly make me more interested in watching, I perused her IMDb profile as a means to procrastinate from study (what else is new?) and decided to check out The Russell Girl. Despite its listing as a TV movie, I selectively didn't read that part and in my mind, I somehow decided it was an independent feature that would be very charming in a big-city-girl-returns-to-small-home-town-rediscovers-life kind of way. Yeah, I didn't read the plot either, just judged it straight from its cover:

Oh...dis gonna be goooooood.

"SA-RUH!" "SEERA!"Collapse )